An abbreviation of  «Excuse Me.»

It gets its sound from combining the «X» sound in «Ex,» the «U» sound from «c-UE-se», and of course the «M» from «Me.»

Client: Cencerro MX
Website: xumapp.com
Date: 2018
Services: Design, Art Direction, User Experience, Animation

Xum is an online reservation system for restaurants and bars, with an immediate electronic charge and assignation of tables or spaces. Available for Android and iOS.

Benefits for the administrator:

Customer registration
Control of people who reserve
Financial security
Simple administration
Analysis of tables / zones with the highest demand
Scalability for automatic check-in
Consumption monitoring and possibility of expanding loyalty system

The client has the following benefits:

Safe and comfortable reservation
Notifications of payments and charges accessible from the computer or  phone
Election of table / area on map
Access to information
Friendly interface
Quick and personalized service when requesting products from the reservation
Eliminates or reduces waiting times


“The best reservations system available in town.”

Manager Tempo Bar