Cencerro/Cowbell develops websites, creates brand design & offers social media and mobile apps

Making noise and mooing since 2003. 

A real option for design and communication in the third rock from the sun!

App development

An smart phone is always at hand, lets keep your business always handy!

Web design

How do you want to express yourself online?


We give your brand a soul, and one that you can actually see, not only feel!

Social media

Facebook, twitter, SEO, instagram, whatever, you name it!

The team (in strict alphabetical order)

We are gregarious! We are Cencerro/Cowbell. It is not possible to be alone and it is (almost) always better to have company 🙂


Born in Chihuahua but expanding across the borders, Cencerro/Cowbell will be opening soon an office under the maple leaf flag.


Home sweet home

Calle Diego de Vilchis 103
Colonia Parques de San Felipe
31203. Chihuahua, Chihuahua, México

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We are nothing without our customers and friends. A little piece of gratitude here.

“You know, when you need web development, you have to know that sometimes a plugin could fail or that some code needs to be improved. And the only provider that is gonna give you immediate response and service with attention to detail is Cencerro. Thank you for such a good service!”
“Sabes, cuando buscas un desarollo web, tienes que tomar en cuenta que a veces un plugin fallará o que un código requiere corrección. Y el único proveedor que te dará respuesta y atención inmediata a esos detalles en caso que ocurran es Cencerro. ¡Gracias por tan buen servicio!”

Jacobo González Founder/Fundador